Sites that shine.
Shops that sell.

“Their level of customer service is exceptional - just as they promised.”

“Our e-commerce requirements are very complex, yet blackstar always seem to meet them.”

David Player

“We pay them a monthly fee, with nothing up front, and it just works. And it looks great!”

Duncan Patterson

“ brought us into the 21st century. We now have valuable ongoing contact with our customers and they love our new website”

“not only are we the best cafe for miles around, we also have the best website which our customers can easily order from...”

Gavin Dowell

“they built our new website, created our branding, set up our email and hosting. We didn't have to do anything - very impressed ”

Brochure Sites

Outshine your competitors.

Ensure you stand out in your marketplace.
£295 per month
Booking sites

Appointments, visits, service calls...

Connected to calendars on all your devices
£495 per month
E-commerce sites

Sell your stuff.

Make it easy for customers to buy from you.
£995 per month
Think your special? Maybe you are...

We'll make it work.

If we can't, no one can...
£ Contact us for a quote
We Do The Work

Design, creation, management, hosting.

Your Customers Get The Benefits

Simple to navigate, easy to book, a cinch to purchase.

You Get The Glory

And the money.


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